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Nov 8, 2012 6:00pm EST
shop. >>> a dropoff at daycare in the morning in baltimore city turns into a car theft with the 7-year-old still in the car and why police need your help. >> 11 victims as young as 17. two men charged with robbery, sexual assault and kidnapping. >>> we know -- what a study shows that teens are doing behind that wheel that's dangerous. >>> a dad dropping off his child at daycare. when he goes back to his car it's gone along with a child, a 7-year-old boy. >> don harrison has been break the news story. he spoke stot own are where it all went done. >> would never in my wildest dreams would think this would happen. >> reporter: she watched it happen in front of her daycare on fairview avenue. >> this was heartbreak. >> reporter: a father was dropping off his child at the children are a blessing from above daycare. he left the car running with his 7-year-old outside. he came back and his car and son were gone. he found his son not far away. he lives in the neighborhood and was shocked to hear what happened, but not surprised. >> the neighborhood has changed just a tad bit in the 10 yea
Nov 9, 2012 6:00pm EST
is released. >>> three out of four members of the school police union in baltimore city have no confidence in their chief, no vote was taken last month, many of the types of votes have everything to do with paying benefits this doesn't. the union's labor negotiators say they have everything to do with how the department is run. >> that's not something to take lightly. when you see them, they are generally -- means in the police world that really had nothing left to lose. they just have to do something. >> specifics of the complaint are held close to the vest. the administration had no comment. both expected to meet this month. >>> continuing our coverage of the water main break on charles street, a chunk of the street is shut down. north avenue, westbound, re- opened, people living in the area have water in they homes knocks estimate on when the main will be fully repaired. crews will be working and the clock in the coming days to fix it. >> i mean, our plan is to get this done as quickly as possible and knowing full well this is a major throughway for the loaders. we will be whacking arou
Nov 12, 2012 6:00pm EST
could date back to the 1800's. the latest break is a recent example of how the city is ramping it up from five mile has year to 40. >> we're below five mile has year. over the next year we go to 20, 25, 30, 35, 40. >> reporter: now the cost will come out of your rising water bills but they are repairs that dpw said need to happen. the new pipe has been delivered here in mt. vernon while crews inspect and remove the damaged ones. reporting live in mt. vern no brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> public works are working on a break that's causing low water pressure in the ear. day classes had to be cans selled. >> work is still being dong on that huge water main break that shut down businesses for more than a day. it broke last wednesday at east 20th and north charles street. >> for the best ways to get around all these water main breaks, log on to you can look at the live traffics, alternate routes. lauren cook will be tracking the details of your commute tomorrow on good morning maryland starting at 4:30. >>> well, the son does not -- sun does not stay up that long. 71
Nov 15, 2012 6:00pm EST
: in a city that's witnessed decades of gun violence many say they feel the schools safe havens and this incident should prompt administrators to review policies to ensure they stay that way. >> i don't feel like as a parent i should need to be checked but if you are going to have parents bringing in guns, then maybe we do need to have somebody checking at the door. >> there is no use for weapons like that. violence needs to come down. there is no reason people should be walking around with guns. >> reporter: in hampden. >> parker faces a pair of charges. >> update on the breaks news story. an edgewater man in custody. >> he is a accused of abuse several children. roosevelt is here with more on this case's connection to one of hollywood's best known. >> reporter: john farrow turned himself into police, accused of abusing two boyes. he is the older brother of mia farrow. he is a accused of preforming sex acts on the boys in his house. police say the boys were assaulted over a period of years. >> through the investigation it was determined that these were several incidents i
Nov 14, 2012 6:00pm EST
practice and ellicott city, our lady of per pet chewal health. the corsetling in over maryland. our wind chill down to the 30s statewide. as we go into the daybreak hours we'll be below freezing north and northeast of washington. we look for temperatures to drop sharply. now we'll be back in the 40s tomorrow, upper 40s. these numbers may be low and back below freezing tomorrow night. we could find 20s toward harford county. quiet weather, clear but a few clouds. these are not rain makers. the reverse of that tomorrow, a little bit of cloud cover. that could hold temperatures down. we struggle to get to 50 once again. this cold air core will float further north but still be chilly. as we go into friday it will slide further out. air temperatures will moderate back into the 50s. we'll watch the coastal s all projections bringing it out to sea. it could mean breezy weather. clear. dress warm for that morning commute. make sure the kids are warm. 48, sunny crisp conditions. as we look to friday an improvement. mild weather through early sunday. sunday night into monday a disturbance likely t
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5